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Save Money in the Long Run


Buying a Solar Water Heater or Heat Pump may seem like an expensive purchase. BUT this is the best investment you can make right now. The savings you will make in reducing your monthly electricity bill are so big that over the space of a few years these monthly savings will have more than covered the initial cost of your Solar Water Heater or Heat Pump.


And then - once the upfront cost of buying your Solar Water Heater or Heat Pump has been offset through all your monthly electricity bill savings - then you just keep on saving all that money that would otherwise be used to pay for electricity.


With the Osims Programme, you will pay MUCH less for your Solar Water Heater or Heat Pump through our programme. Our suppliers offer you a discounted price because the programme generates a lot of business for them in a short space of time.


And DID YOU KNOW – that your Solar Water Heater is covered by your house / building insurance in the same way as your standard geyser would be? So if your Solar Water Heater fails, the cost of repairing or replacing it will be covered by your insurer.


So the next time your Geyser fails, why not use your insurance payout to upgrade to a Solar Water Heater or Heat Pump?


It’s easy


We make it SO easy for you.


We bring you the best prices around. And these are a lot less than you think!


We've also narrowed down your choices – the Solar Water Heaters and Heat Pumps offered by our suppliers are top quality, meet all SABS standards and come with the best warrantees and back-up service you could ever ask for. And if you need a loan to pay for it, our suppliers will help you apply.




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